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Aerial Drone Photography Of The Downtown Streets Of Dover, NH (New Hampshire) In The Summer


"With direct funding coming to Dover from the American Rescue Plan, I believe we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform our community both physically, and through solutions to our most pressing crises, such as mental health and substance use. Dover is one of the youngest cities in New Hampshire, with an average age of 36, and young people are some of the most impacted by these crises. I want to be a voice for Dover's young residents, giving them a seat at the the table where decisions about their futures will be made. Minorities, women and those lower on the socio-economic scale also need to be heard, and I intend to elevate their voices. We each have unique experiences, and I believe we'll find the best solutions by listening to each other, and working together." - Robbie


Quality Public Education

Quality public education is about more than just classroom learning. Schools are often society's first nexus points in the lives of kids of who experience Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs). We need to ensure our schools have proper funding to provide a quality education, as well as the resources necessary to assist kids through their struggles.  Addressing social issues in schools allows children to focus on their learning, while gaining valuable coping skills. This will set Dover children up for long-term success, and will reduce instances of mental health & substance use issues, and even prevent crime in the long-run. Quality schools build the resilience of our whole community, and ultimately contribute to our success. If elected, I plan to work with my colleagues on the City Council to re-think the way we do City Budgeting at a macro-level. I think with the right creativity, we can fully fund our schools while keeping property taxes in check. 

Mental Health & Substance Use

Most of us are aware that mental health and substance use issues are at crisis levels in New Hampshire, and here in Dover. Working with my City Council peers, I want to utilize funds from the American Rescue Plan to create real solutions to these problems. No one should be waiting over a week to get a bed at a mental health facility, or even longer waiting for a space in a recovery program. Working creatively with other community organizations, including the newly formed Dover Mental Health Alliance, we can finally have an impact on these issues which have only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Affordable Housing & Property Taxes

I believe that people should be able to live and play in the communities where they work. Yet, since moving to Dover, I've watched rent and property taxes climb through the roof! We need to prioritize the building of work-force and affordable housing units in Dover, and we need to come up with incentives to encourage this kind of development. To keep property taxes as low as possible, we need to review outdated zoning policies, and diversify our City's revenue streams by bringing more business to Dover, taking full advantage of the City's desirability as a thriving Seacoast community.


Dover is a young, diverse community. I want to foster an environment where all voices are represented at the table where decisions are made. Our City is making great strides in this area, with proclamations supporting our Asian American, Black and Indigenous communities, to name a few. I'd like to see this work continue and see the City make real commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion in our legislative and administrative practices.

Climate Resilience

Climate change is here and we need to face it head on! I want to see our City adopt green building requirements and practices that support a healthier environment, such as a real commitment to reduce single-use plastics. I look forward to working with our City's new Resilience Coordinator on the many possibilities we have to make Dover a more climate resilient community.

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